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Boston, Massachusetts

Here is a picture at a project exhibition at MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics in Boston, Massachusetts. I was pitching my forecast combination project to different company executives.

I must have pitched this to 20 - 30 different companies that evening. Talk about aching jaws  😅 

Budapest, Hungary

For most people, ask them 10 years after graduation, what was their thesis about, and they will not be able to answer you. This is amusing especially as we could have been stressed out of our brains in the moment.

For me however, its pretty hard to forget, as I have been in multiple roles where I have had to put into practice my thesis work from time to time.

Here is a picture of me at a supply chain innovation conference in Budapest, Hungary.

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Ibadan, Nigeria

This is something I have not done enough of - giving back. Here is a picture of me in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria. I held a seminar on global supply chain management with a small group of professionals. It was a mixed crew of book publishers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs and students. I was inspired by the passion and engagement from these folks.

I need to do more of this!

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